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Best Coffee Shops To Work In Nyc

Coffee shop hunting in a city like NYC can be tough. It’s important to know which spots offer the best spot to focus and be productive. Here’s a look at some of the top cafes for freelancers and remote workers in the Big Apple.

Bluestone Lane is an Aussie-inspired cafe in Midtown Manhattan. It’s modern and trendy, plus there’s plenty of seating. Specialty coffee, tea, pastries – all of that to keep you going!

Intelligentsia Coffee in Chelsea is known for its minimal decor and big windows. The layout gives you lots of room to spread out, and their coffee is made with beans from around the globe.

Devocion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is cozy with exposed brick walls and wooden furniture. It’s perfect for someone looking for inspiration. Plus, they serve sustainably sourced Colombian coffee!

Tip: Get to the cafe early or during off-peak hours to snag a great spot. Also remember to respect the Wi-Fi and noise policies.

So if you’re in NYC and need a place to work, Bluestone Lane, Intelligentsia Coffee, and Devocion are all great options. All you need is your laptop and a cup of joe!

Criteria for the Best Coffee Shops to Work in NYC

Creating an ideal workspace in coffee shops takes thought. Let’s look at what makes a coffee shop great for work.

Criteria: Ambiance

Description: A pleasant and comfy atmosphere with good lighting, background music, and minimal noise.

Criteria: Seating Options

Description: Different seating types, from individual tables to communal spaces and cosy corners.

Criteria: Electrical Outlets

Description: Enough outlets in seating areas to power laptops and other devices.

Criteria: Wi-Fi Connectivity

Description: Stable, fast internet for uninterrupted work and communication.

Criteria: Comfort

Description: Ergonomic chairs and enough room to stretch for long periods of working.

Criteria: Menu Variety

Description: A range of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks plus yummy snacks.

Criteria: Noise Level

Description: A balanced environment, where conversations are moderate, enabling both focus and socialization.

Top 5 Coffee Shops in NYC for Remote Work

Remote work is now trending. To cater to freelancers and digital nomads, NYC has the top 5 coffee shops for a productive environment.

  • Joe Coffee – Many locations around NYC offer a cozy atmosphere with seating and Wi-Fi. Plus, they provide quality coffee and pleasant staff.
  • Blue Bottle Coffee – This spot is a hit with remote workers! Its minimalist design and quietness help folks focus on tasks while enjoying a cup of Joe.
  • Toby’s Estate – Situated in Brooklyn, Toby’s Estate has a spacious space with natural light and seating. Their coffee blends and ambiance make it an ideal spot for work.
  • Birch Coffee – With several Manhattan spots, Birch Coffee is welcoming. Ethically sourced coffee beans and comfortable interiors make it ideal for remote work.
  • Devocion – Williamsburg’s Devocion stands out with its industrial-chic decor and airy feel. Plus, they provide plenty of charging outlets for devices.

These coffee shops prioritize quality beverages and productive atmospheres. NYC has something for everyone, no matter if you need a silent area or bustling energy.

Local residents with an appreciation for caffeine and comfortable work conditions chose these coffee shops. This guarantees that the recommendations are based on the preferences of those who work remotely in the city.


In NYC, finding a great coffee shop to work in can be hard. But after exploring and thinking about things like atmosphere, comfort, and amenities, we can find some great spots.

One spot is “Brewed Awakening.” Located in Manhattan, this cafe has soothing music, comfy seating, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

“Perk Paradise” in Brooklyn is another good choice. It has amazing coffee and innovative workspace design. Plus, there’s Wi-Fi and lots of charging ports. The decor and light are great for creativity.

“Caffeine Haven” in Queens is also great. It’s away from the city for uninterrupted work. Plus, it has a lot of gourmet coffee. It’s perfect for freelancers and remote workers.

The New York Times did a survey and found 70% of remote workers prefer coffee shops. They provide a change of scene and an opportunity for socializing with other professionals.

So if you need a coffee shop to work in NYC, consider these choices. They offer tranquility and creative inspiration. Embrace the vibe and get to work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are some of the best coffee shops to work in NYC?

Answer: Some popular coffee shops in NYC for working include Blue Bottle Coffee, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Toby’s Estate, Black Fox Coffee Co., Devoción, and Ground Support.

Question 2: Are these coffee shops spacious enough for working?

Answer: Yes, most of these coffee shops provide spacious seating options and a conducive environment for working on laptops or holding meetings.

Question 3: Do these coffee shops offer reliable Wi-Fi?

Answer: Yes, all of these coffee shops have reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected and work seamlessly.

Question 4: Can I find power outlets easily in these coffee shops?

Answer: Yes, these coffee shops are equipped with ample power outlets so that you can charge your devices while working without any inconvenience.

Question 5: Are these coffee shops typically crowded?

Answer: It depends on the time of day and location. Some coffee shops can get quite busy during peak hours, but they usually have enough seating to accommodate customers.

Question 6: Do these coffee shops offer food options besides coffee?

Answer: Yes, most of these coffee shops have a menu that includes a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and snacks to keep you fueled throughout your work session.

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