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Burundi Coffee Expert Boosts Sales and Strategy

Burundi-Focused JNP Coffee Welcomes Gerra Harrigan as Director of Sales and Strategy is excited to announce that JNP Coffee, a leading green coffee trading company focusing on Burundi, has recently appointed Gerra Harrigan as their new director of sales and strategy. This strategic move reinforces JNP Coffee’s commitment to expanding its presence in the coffee industry.

A Seasoned Coffee Professional Joins the Team

Gerra Harrigan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to JNP Coffee. With a background in coffee trading and a successful career at importer InterAmerican Coffee, Harrigan is well-equipped to drive sales and develop effective strategies for the company.

During their tenure at InterAmerican Coffee, Harrigan displayed exceptional skills in market analysis and relationship building. This experience will undoubtedly contribute to JNP Coffee’s continued growth and success.

Enhancing JNP Coffee’s Position in the Market

Harrigan’s appointment is expected to enhance JNP Coffee’s position as one of the key players in the green coffee trading industry. With their extensive knowledge of the Burundi coffee market and deep connections in the industry, Harrigan will play a crucial role in expanding JNP Coffee’s reach and increasing their market share.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

JNP Coffee has consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality and sustainability throughout their operations. They work directly with farmers in Burundi to ensure fair prices and support sustainable farming practices. With Harrigan’s expertise, JNP Coffee will continue to navigate the market while maintaining their dedication to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility.

Looking Towards the Future

As JNP Coffee moves forward with their expansion plans, they are confident that Gerra Harrigan’s appointment will contribute to their long-term success. With a focus on sales growth and strategic development, JNP Coffee is poised to strengthen its position in the industry and continue to provide exceptional coffee products from Burundi. congratulates Gerra Harrigan on their new role at JNP Coffee and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact they will make in the company’s future endeavors.

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