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Chicagoland Coffee Company Hosts Free Coffee Innovation Pitch Event

Chicagoland Coffee Company Brewpoint Coffee and Ghost Town Oats Host Free Coffee Innovation Pitch Event is excited to share the news that Brewpoint Coffee, a popular coffee company in Chicagoland, is teaming up with Ghost Town Oats, an oat milk company, to host a unique and exciting event during the upcoming SCA Expo.

The event, which will take place at a venue in west Chicago, aims to encourage coffee innovation and provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts to pitch their ideas. This collaborative initiative by Brewpoint Coffee and Ghost Town Oats highlights their commitment to fostering creativity and supporting the growth of the coffee industry.

A Platform for Coffee Entrepreneurs

Are you a coffee enthusiast with a brilliant business idea? This event is your chance to shine! Whether you’ve invented a new coffee brewing method or developed an innovative coffee product, the Brewpoint Coffee and Ghost Town Oats innovation pitch event welcomes all coffee-related ideas.

Participants will have the opportunity to present their projects to a panel of industry experts, including representatives from Brewpoint Coffee and Ghost Town Oats. Not only will they receive valuable feedback, but they may also catch the attention of potential investors or collaborators who can help turn their dreams into reality.

Promoting Collaboration and Oat Milk

As oats continue to gain popularity as a dairy alternative, Ghost Town Oats has been pioneering the oat milk industry. By partnering with Brewpoint Coffee, they aim to highlight the versatility and benefits of oat milk for coffee lovers.

During the event, attendees will have the chance to taste test various oat milk options alongside Brewpoint Coffee’s delicious offerings. This tasting experience will showcase the delicious combination of coffee and oat milk, encouraging coffee shop owners and baristas to consider adding oat milk to their menus.

Join the Coffee Innovation Pitch Event

If you’re passionate about coffee and want to be part of an exciting opportunity to pitch your ideas, mark your calendars for the Brewpoint Coffee and Ghost Town Oats innovation pitch event during the upcoming SCA Expo. Date, time, and location details will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Remember, this is your chance to elevate your coffee-related projects and contribute to the ever-evolving world of coffee innovation. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make your mark in the coffee industry!

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