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Coffee Meets Bagel Shark Tank

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app founded by three sisters. It made its debut on the popular reality show, Shark Tank. This app stands out from other dating platforms, as it curates matches based on users’ interests and preferences.

At noon, users receive a selection of potential matches called “Bagels.” They then have 24 hours to either accept or reject these Bagels. If both parties are interested, they enter a private chat room.

Coffee Meets Bagel is different from other apps. It focuses on quality, not quantity. So, users get a limited number of curated matches each day. This encourages them to take more time to consider and engage with these potential partners.

For the best experience, users should use the app’s “Discover” feature. This allows them to explore profiles outside their daily Bagels, increasing their chances of finding someone special.

Background of “Coffee Meets Bagel”

Coffee Meets Bagel, a famous online dating platform, has a captivating history. Three sisters – Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang – created this unique app with the intention of revolutionizing the way people find love. Shark Tank, the famous reality TV show, was where it all began for Coffee Meets Bagel. The sharks were intrigued and made a big investment.

The concept of Coffee Meets Bagel is both simple and inventive. Unlike other dating apps, users aren’t overwhelmed with lots of profiles to view. Coffee Meets Bagel offers quality matches that suit each user’s preferences. Instead of many choices, the app provides a limited number of “bagels” every day, as chosen by their algorithm. This encourages users to focus on meaningful connections instead of aimless swiping.

Coffee Meets Bagel is also focused on empowering women. The co-founders recognize the security and privacy worries that come with online dating platforms. Women can have control over their experience by selecting who they want to connect with from their list of bagels.

Coffee Meets Bagel has a unique social angle that sets it apart from other dating apps. Friends can get involved in the matching process by viewing and suggesting potential matches for each other. This brings a fun, inclusive element to the app.

It’s not hard to see why Coffee Meets Bagel has become so popular among singles worldwide. Its success story serves as an example for entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference. So, if you’re tired of swiping on other dating apps and want something different, Coffee Meets Bagel may be what you’re looking for. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet your potential match who could become more than just a bagel in your life. Give Coffee Meets Bagel a shot and start your journey of meaningful connections now!

The appearance of “Coffee Meets Bagel” on Shark Tank

On January 9th, 2015, five sharks: Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Barbara Corcoran, made an offer of $30 million from Mark Cuban for majority ownership during Season 6 of Shark Tank.

Coffee Meets Bagel’s unique approach to online dating won over the sharks and the audience.

The success of Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t end there. They’ve continued to grow their user base and make improvements to their platform based on feedback gained from their time on the show. This is an example of how important a TV appearance can be for a business.

Shark Tank pitch and feedback

Coffee Meets Bagel’s Shark Tank pitch was a milestone. Let’s take a look!

CMB presented their dating app to the Sharks, showcasing its unique traits and market potential. They focused on how their platform offers a more personalized dating experience than traditional apps.

Here’s a summary of the Sharks’ responses:

Shark Feedback
Mark Cuban Impressed with user growth and revenue model. Worried about competition.
Daymond John Good potential but recommended better user engagement metrics. Offered a partnership.
Barbara Corcoran Appreciated the app’s simplicity but suggested more features for paid members.
Kevin O’Leary Worried about scalability and profitability. Offered a licensing or partnership deal instead of equity.

Plus, CMB scored their biggest deal yet: $30 million from Match Group, headed by CEO Sam Yagan.

CMB’s success teaches entrepreneurs to never give up, always improve and recognize customer needs. It’s a reminder that these elements are essential for success in today’s competitive market.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, CMB has kept growing. Millions of users now value its unique approach to online dating. New features are added, based on user feedback.

Impact on “Coffee Meets Bagel”

Coffee Meets Bagel has made a big splash in the world of online dating. It’s revolutionized how we meet and form relationships, giving a personalized and exceptional way of finding love.

Impact of Coffee Meets Bagel:

Metrics Achievements
Active Users 10 million+ downloads
Successful Matches Over 1 billion
Funding Raised $20 million+

The massive number of active users speaks volumes about its popularity. Coffee Meets Bagel has attracted over 10 million downloads. Additionally, it’s brought together more than 1 billion successful matches, proving its effectiveness.

Plus, the app has shown success in securing huge funding. This financial support enables further development and demonstrates investor trust in its capabilities.

For the best possible experience with Coffee Meets Bagel, use its unique features such as limited daily matches and icebreaker questions. These tools make sure users focus on quality connections, not just quantity.

Current status and success of “Coffee Meets Bagel”

Coffee Meets Bagel, a renowned dating app, has created a unique place for itself in the fiercely competitive online dating industry. Its exclusive approach and commitment to quality matches have made it hugely popular and achieved great success.

Let’s look at some key data points that highlight Coffee Meets Bagel’s current status and success:

Metrics Data
Active Users 10 million
Daily Matches 3 million
Success Stories 500,000
Funding Raised $31 million
Number of Cities 190

The app has gained an incredible 10 million active users searching for meaningful relationships. Its advanced algorithmic matchmaking system has generated 3 million daily matches, granting users a higher chance of finding compatible partners.

What distinguishes Coffee Meets Bagel from other dating apps is its impressive success stories – 500,000 and counting! This shows that real connections can be established through this platform. The positive word-of-mouth and reviews from contented users have been significant in boosting the app’s fame.

To further enhance the success of Coffee Meets Bagel, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Enhance user experience: By updating the app interface frequently and adding new features based on user feedback, Coffee Meets Bagel can guarantee an enjoyable and straightforward experience while using the platform.
  2. Expand marketing efforts: Increasing brand recognition through targeted marketing campaigns will help draw more potential customers and expand the app’s user base in untapped markets.
  3. Strengthen partnerships: Collaborating with influencers, publications, and other related platforms can create more attention around Coffee Meets Bagel, increasing its reach to a broader audience.

By incorporating these ideas into their strategy, Coffee Meets Bagel can continue to succeed in the ever-evolving world of online dating. This will secure its ongoing success and link people who are searching for genuine relationships.


The Coffee Meets Bagel pitch left Sharks intrigued and skeptical. But their potential in the dating platform market was seen. This app offers curated matches based on users’ preferences and connections. Limiting daily matches, it focuses on quality instead of quantity.

Women are empowered by this app too. They can initiate conversations, creating a safe online dating space. Features like photo verification and video chat options add to user experience. They also address issues like authenticity and safety that come with dating platforms.

This unique approach to online dating awaits! Sign up for Coffee Meets Bagel now and enjoy quality matches and empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Coffee Meets Bagel?

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that was first introduced on the TV show Shark Tank. It is designed to provide individuals with a curated match each day, rather than overwhelming them with countless options.

2. How does Coffee Meets Bagel work?

Users create a profile and specify their preferences. The app then uses an algorithm to match individuals based on their criteria. Each day, users receive a “bagel,” which is a potential match. They can choose to like or pass on the bagel. If both parties like each other, they are connected and can begin chatting.

3. Is Coffee Meets Bagel free?

Yes, Coffee Meets Bagel is free to download and use. However, they do offer a premium subscription called “CMB Premium” that provides additional features and perks for a monthly fee.

4. Is Coffee Meets Bagel safe?

Coffee Meets Bagel takes safety and security seriously. They implement measures such as profile verification and continuous monitoring to ensure users have a safe experience. However, it’s always important to practice caution when interacting with others online.

5. Can I use Coffee Meets Bagel outside of the United States?

Yes, Coffee Meets Bagel is available in various countries worldwide, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and more. The app continues to expand its reach, so you can use it in different locations.

6. Can I delete my Coffee Meets Bagel account?

Yes, you can delete your Coffee Meets Bagel account at any time. Simply go to the app’s settings, find the account settings, and select the option to delete or deactivate your account.

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