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Farmer Brothers’ New CEO Drives Growth

Farmer Brothers Appoints New President and CEO

Texas-based wholesale coffee and distribution company, Farmer Brothers, has recently announced the appointment of John Moore as their new president and CEO. This development comes after a thorough evaluation by the company’s board and advisors.

Moore brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having worked in the coffee industry for many years. His deep understanding of the market and proven track record make him an excellent fit for Farmer Brothers.

A Vision for Growth

As Moore assumes his new position, he has expressed his excitement about the future of Farmer Brothers. He believes there is tremendous potential for growth and expansion in the coming years, both domestically and internationally.

Under Moore’s leadership, the company plans to focus on various key areas to drive this growth. These include enhancing product quality, improving customer relationships, and implementing innovative marketing strategies.

Prioritizing Sustainability

One of Moore’s top priorities will be to further develop and strengthen Farmer Brothers’ commitment to sustainability. Recognizing the importance of responsible business practices, he aims to implement environmentally friendly initiatives throughout the company’s operations.

This dedication to sustainability aligns with the growing global demand for ethically sourced and sustainable products. By prioritizing this aspect, Farmer Brothers aims to not only meet consumer expectations but also make a positive impact on the coffee industry as a whole.

Building Strong Partnerships

As Farmer Brothers expands its operations, Moore emphasizes the significance of building strong partnerships with coffee growers and suppliers. By fostering trusted relationships, the company can ensure a steady supply of high-quality beans while supporting the livelihoods of farmers.

Through collaboration and mutually beneficial agreements, Farmer Brothers aims to contribute to the economic development of coffee-growing regions and promote sustainable farming practices.


The appointment of John Moore as president and CEO marks an exciting new chapter for Farmer Brothers. With his extensive industry knowledge and strategic vision, Moore is well-positioned to lead the company towards continued success. As Farmer Brothers focuses on growth, sustainability, and cultivating strong partnerships, coffee enthusiasts can look forward to even greater offerings from this trusted wholesaler and distributor.

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