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Labor Organizing Group Plans Red Cup Day Strike

Labor Organizing Group Plans Strike on Red Cup Day

Labor organizing group Starbucks Workers United has announced plans to coordinate a strike on Red Cup Day, an annual marketing event by Starbucks that promotes holiday-themed cups and messaging.

The union organizing group is calling for baristas and other Starbucks employees to join together in protest on Red Cup Day to raise awareness about the need for better working conditions, fair wages, and improved benefits.

Demands for Better Working Conditions

Starbucks Workers United has outlined several key demands that they hope to address through the strike. These demands include:

  • Safe and healthy working environments
  • Improved scheduling practices
  • End to unpredictable and on-call shifts
  • Guaranteed minimum hours per week
  • Transparent promotion and advancement opportunities

The labor organizing group argues that many Starbucks employees face challenges such as inadequate staffing levels, insufficient break times, and constant pressure to meet sales targets. They believe that these issues contribute to high levels of stress and burnout among workers.

Fair Wages and Benefits

In addition to better working conditions, Starbucks Workers United is also advocating for fair wages and improved benefits for Starbucks employees. The group believes that the current compensation structure is not sufficient to support a good quality of life, especially considering the rising cost of living.

Specific demands related to wages and benefits include:

  • A living wage that takes into account regional differences in the cost of living
  • Healthcare coverage for all employees, including part-time workers
  • Paid parental leave and childcare support
  • Retirement savings plans with employer contributions

The labor organizing group argues that Starbucks, as a highly profitable company, has the resources to provide these benefits to their employees and should prioritize their well-being.

Building Worker Solidarity

Starbucks Workers United is actively working to encourage solidarity among Starbucks employees and inspire them to join the strike on Red Cup Day. The group believes that by coming together, workers can have a stronger collective voice and make a greater impact in advocating for their rights.

They are organizing meetings, outreach campaigns, and informational sessions to educate employees about their rights and the benefits of joining the strike. The group also aims to create a supportive community for Starbucks workers, allowing them to share their experiences and concerns.


As Red Cup Day approaches, Starbucks Workers United is determined to make their voices heard and bring attention to the issues faced by Starbucks employees. Through their strike, they hope to pressure Starbucks management to address their demands for better working conditions, fair wages, and improved benefits.

The success of the strike will depend on the level of participation from Starbucks employees across the country. It remains to be seen how Starbucks will respond to the organized protest and whether any negotiations or changes will result from their actions.

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