Nespresso Vertuo Next Vs Vertuo Plus

So you have decided to buy yourself, or a coffee lover you love, a Nespresso machine, but the question still remains – which one is better, the Vertuo Next or the Vertuo Plus?

In this article, we’ll be looking at both of these superb coffee machines in some detail, to make the process of making your final selection a little easier. We’ll be looking at and comparing everything from the specs, the color options, the price points, as well as any unexpected or underrated pros and cons of both machines.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What makes Nespresso machines so special

Nespresso machines have come to completely dominate the home coffee machine market in recent years, and with very good reason.

What the Nespresso brand has accomplished is to build a line of user-friendly coffee makers that all but automate the process of brewing high-quality coffee at home. Another way of putting it would be to say that Nespresso has managed to democratize artisan coffee by making it available to the masses.

The coffee pods make all the difference

The invention of the pre-made Nespresso coffee pods is one of the important keys to Nespresso’s success.

Nespresso coffee pods are available in a variety of different blends, flavors and sizes. The coffee pods mean that the days of faffing around with coffee beans, grinders and measurements are over. Each Nespresso capsule contains the perfect coffee grounds, so all you have to do is to select your flavor, pop your pod into your Nespresso machine and press a button.

Barista quality coffee, every time

Are you ready to strike your monthly Starbucks spend from your budget?

Thanks to the Nespresso capsules and the revolutionary brewing system found within every Nespresso machine, the result is a perfectly brewed cup of consistent high quality coffee, every time you use your Nespresso machine.

The Vertuo line

Nespresso has developed two different lines of coffee machines – the Original line and the Vertuo line.

It all started with the Original line of coffee makers, but the Vertuo line, characterized by a revolutionary and sophisticated brewing system, has since been added.

In this article, we’ll only be looking at two of these impressive Nespresso Vertuo machines, namely the Nespresso Vertuo Next vs the Nespresso Vertuo Plus, starting with the Vertuo Plus.


The Nespresso VertuoPlus deluxe coffee maker promises to make exceptional coffee simple and accessible.

At a glance, the Nespresso Vertuo Plus machine is characterized by its sleek and elegant modern design, its almost instant heat-up time, its one-touch brewing function, intelligent barcode technology and the fact that it fits five different Nespresso cup sizes.

The VertuoPlus is available in four different colors – white, cherry red, light grey and ink black.

VertuoPlus specs

The Nespresso VertuoPlus deluxe coffee maker measures 220 x 349 x 3251 mm and weights 4.6 kilogram. Its water tank capacity is 1.2 litre – plenty of capacity for even the most hardcore coffee drinkers.

The VertuoPlus heats up from cold in less than a minute – typically in no more than 40 seconds, meaning you will never have to wait long for your morning coffee to start flowing once you have filled the tank, inserted your chosen Nespresso capsule and pressed the brew button. Another good thing to know is that the VertuoPlus automatically powers off after 9 minutes of disuse, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it switched on.

Like the other coffee makers in the Vertuo line, the VertuoPlus relies on centrifusion technology to brew the coffee. Intelligent barcode recognition makes it possible for the machine to automatically recognize the capsules you insert, which helps to ensure the ideal cup of coffee every time.

The VertuoPlus fits five cup sizes, namely the 414ml Alto, the 230ml Mug, the 150ml Gran Lungo, the 80ml Double Espresso and the 40ml Espresso.

VertuoPlus quirks and details

When it comes to deciding on the right Nespresso Vertuo machine for you, it makes sense to look deeper than the specs, which can only tell you so much about the machine’s functionality and what you can expect from it. Here are a few details that no spec sheet is capable of revealing about the Nespresso VertuoPlus.

One of the truly convenient things about the VertuoPlus espreso machine is that the top opens and closes effortlessly at the touch of a button. You can do it one-handed, without even thinking about it.

Another detail you should be aware of is the fact that the VertuoPlus’s smart barcode recognition technology determines how the coffee is brewed. The tiny dashes on the sides of the coffee pods are in fact the barcodes, so when you pop a coffee pod in the machine, the machine is able to determine which coffee blend the pod contains and will adjust its brewing technique accordingly. It does this by using the information contained in the barcode to regulate the water flow and temperature during the brewing process. The machine is even capable of adjusting brewing time and capsule rotation speed to optimize the resulting brew.

VertuoPlus coffee and crema

The VertuoPlus is known for producing a thick, rich and intensely flavored coffee – of course somewhat depending on which coffee capsule you have used.

The crema prodiuced by the VertuoPlus is think and frothy. For those who are not familiar with what creama means, it is the thin layer of cream that covers the surface of any well-brewed espresso drink.

VertuoPlus price point

The VertuoPlus coffee machine is available at £179 from the Nespresso website.

Vertuo Next

Now that we have taken a good look at the VertuoPlus, it is time for us to take an equally good look at the Nespresso Vertuo Next machine.

The Vertuo Next is the smallest and most versatile machine in the Nespresso Vertuo lineup. It is available in the same four colorways as the VertuoPlus, plus a few more, and this little machine packs much of the same technology into a tiny 5 x 5 inch footprint.

However, there are other differences between the Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus apart from size. Let’s put them under the microscope and study them closely.

Vertuo Next specs

As already mentioned, the Vertuo Next has a tiny footprint. In fact, it measures just 14.2 x 42.9 x 31.4 cm and weights 4 kilogram.

The Vertuo Next’s water tank capacity is 1 litre, which is very decent considering its size and should be plenty for yourself as well as a partner and even a few guests.

The Vertuo Next machine has an incredibly quick heat-up time of around 30 seconds. Its other important features include its one-touch brewing function, its automatic blend recognition capabilities enabled by smart barcode technology, its centrifusion brewing technology, and the fact that it fits the same five cup sizes as the VertuoPlus.

In addition to this, the Vertuo Next also fits the slightly larger 18oz coffee capsules that are perfect for pour-over coffee styles.

Vertuo Next quirks and details

On the positive side, in addition to the five cup sizes that the Vertuo Next and the Vertuo Plus both hold, the Vertuo Next is also compatible with the 18oz coffee pods, which are perfect for pour-over coffee recipes.

Another detail that sets the Verto Next apart from the Vertuo Plus is the former’s bluetooth capabilities and automatic blend recognition enabled by smart barcode technology.

On the Vertuo Next, the top opens with a toggle and requires two hands and a bit of strength top open and close.

The Vertuo Next’s coffee pod holder is located on the side of the machine. Because of its location next to the water tank, some Vertuo Next owners might experience that a few drops of water sometimes make their way into the Nespresso pod holder, which could be an annoyance, or worse still, an issue, since damp is known to create the optimal conditions for mould growth. The placement of the water tank on the Vertuo Next is one of the important differences between it and the VertuoPlus, where the water tank is located at the back, and where no water can get in.

Vertuo Next coffee and crema

Like the VertuoPlus, the Vertuo Next produces a rich and aromatic coffee brew every time.

Having said that, it is important to note that the temperature of coffee brewed using the Nespresso Vertuo Next doesn’t get quite as hot as the temperature of coffee brewed using the VertuoPlus. This detail may or may not bother you – whether it does depends on whether you prefer your coffee warm or piping hot.

When it comes to the crema, there are also a few differences worth mentioning. The crema produced by the Vertuo Next Nespresso machine has noticeably more air bubbles and is not quite as thick as the crema produced by the Vertuo Plus.

Vertuo Next price point

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is available from Nespresso’s website at £149.

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus Q & A

We have looked at both the Vertuo Next and the VertuoPlus in some detail, but you may still have a few unanswered questions left. If you do, I hope that you will find the answers you are looking for in this brief Q & A section.

What’s the difference between VertuoPlus and Vertuo Next?

There are multiple differences between the VertuoPlus and the Vertuo NEXT nespresso machines. Here are the main differences worth highlighting: Different water tank sizes (The VertuoPlus has a 1.2 litre tank while the Vertuo Next has a 1 litre tank), different water tank placements (The VertuoPlus has its tank at the back, while the Vertuo Next has its tank at the side), different overall dimensions (The VertuoPlus is significantly bigger), and different cremas (When it comes to crema, the VertuoPlus is the clear winner, producing the riches, smoothest, thickest layer of crema).

Is the Nespresso Vertuo Plus worth it?

The Nespresso VertuoPlus isn’t much more expensive than the Vertuo Next. Whether it is worth it depends on what you require in a coffee maker, but if you are a true coffee enthusiast and would be using the machine a lot, the answer is a clear and resounding yes.

Which Nespresso Vertuo is best?

There are three different coffee makers in the Nespresso Vertuo line of coffee machines. while the Vertuo machine that started the line is the largest and most sophisticated, the VertuoPlus still offers most of the same features, at a smaller price.

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus – which is the better coffee machine?

All in all, you cannot go wrong with either the Vertuo Next or the Vertuo Plus if you love coffee.

Having said that, there are multiple reasons why the Vertuo Plus is a better choice – unless you have severe space restrictions and absolutely need the smallest machine you can get.

For one, the VertuoPlus has a slightly larger tank capacity, which is great if yours is a coffee-loving household, or if you often have coffee-drinking guests. Another reason related to the water tank is its placement at the back of the machine, which ensures that no water leaks into the coffee capsule storage space, also located inside the machine.

And despite its advantages, the VertuoPlus isn’t much more expensive than the Vertuo Next. In other words, if you are already considering investing in a Nespresso Vertuo machine, the extra £50 that bumps you up from the Vertuo Next to the Vertuo Plus is going to be totally worth it.

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