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Prominent European Coffee Industry Urges Delay

Prominent European Coffee Industry Urges Delay of EU Deforestation-Free Supply Chain Law

A well-known European coffee industry trade organization has recently sent a letter to the European Commission, expressing concerns and urging the postponement of the implementation of the new EU deforestation-free supply chain law. The legislation, commonly referred to as…

In their letter, the trade organization highlighted several reasons why they believe it is necessary to delay the enforcement of the law. One of the primary concerns expressed is the potential negative impact on the coffee industry, both in Europe and abroad.

Importance of Sustainable Practices within the Coffee Industry

The global coffee industry has made significant progress in recent years towards promoting sustainability and responsible sourcing. Many leading coffee companies have actively sought to establish partnerships with coffee producers who prioritize environmentally-friendly practices.

These efforts are especially crucial in regions where coffee production plays a vital role in the local economy. Implementing sustainable practices not only protects the environment but also ensures the long-term viability of coffee farming communities.

Challenges Presented by the New Legislation

The European coffee industry trade organization acknowledges the importance of addressing deforestation and its impact on climate change. However, they argue that the current timeline for implementing the law does not allow sufficient time for coffee companies to make the necessary adjustments to their supply chains.

According to the trade organization’s letter, the coffee industry heavily relies on complex and interconnected supply chains involving multiple stakeholders. They claim that ensuring complete traceability and monitoring throughout these supply chains requires significant time and resources.

Moreover, the organization expresses concerns about the potential disruption to existing trade relationships with coffee-producing countries. They believe that a gradual and phased approach to implementing the law would allow for smoother transitions and mitigate any unintended consequences.

The Need for Dialogue and Collaboration

While the European coffee industry trade organization seeks a delay in the enforcement of the deforestation-free supply chain law, they also emphasize the importance of continued dialogue and collaboration. They urge the European Commission to work closely with all stakeholders, including coffee companies, coffee-producing countries, and environmental organizations.

This collaborative approach would enable the development of a practical and effective framework that promotes sustainability while considering the unique challenges faced by the coffee industry. By engaging in open discussions and finding common ground, all parties involved can contribute to a more sustainable future for the global coffee sector.


The European coffee industry trade organization’s request for a delay in implementing the new EU deforestation-free supply chain law reflects the complex nature of addressing sustainability issues within the coffee industry. While the goals of protecting the environment and combating deforestation are commendable, careful consideration must be given to the practicality and feasibility of implementation.

By allowing for more time, collaboration, and dialogue, the European Commission has an opportunity to develop a comprehensive and effective framework that ensures both environmental preservation and the long-term viability of the coffee industry.

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