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Putting Small Farmers on the Map

Farmers’ Perspectives: Putting Small Farmers on the Map

The farmer-focused international development firm Solidaridad has been working to put the perspectives of small farmers from numerous agricultural sectors on the map — or on the atlas, as it were. Now, they are taking on the world of coffee.

Solidaridad believes in the power of small-scale farmers and their contributions to the global coffee industry. These farmers often face significant challenges and need support to navigate a complex market.

Understanding Coffee Farmers

Solidaridad’s latest initiative aims to shed light on the experiences and perspectives of coffee farmers worldwide. By understanding their unique challenges and successes, Solidaridad hopes to foster more inclusive and sustainable practices in the coffee industry.

Unveiling the Coffee Atlas

As part of this effort, Solidaridad has created the Coffee Atlas, an interactive platform that showcases the stories and journeys of coffee farmers from different regions. The Coffee Atlas provides a comprehensive view of the diverse coffee-growing landscapes, as well as the people behind the bean.

Stories from the Coffee Frontlines

Through the Coffee Atlas, users can explore personal accounts and anecdotes shared by farmers themselves. These narratives offer valuable insights into the realities faced by small-scale coffee producers, including challenges related to climate change, market volatility, and access to resources.

Mapping Successes and Challenges

The Coffee Atlas also maps out success stories and innovative approaches employed by farmers to overcome obstacles. By highlighting these examples, Solidaridad aims to inspire collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the coffee community.

A Call for Collaboration

Solidaridad invites coffee enthusiasts, industry professionals, and consumers to engage with the Coffee Atlas. By learning about the diverse realities of coffee farming, individuals can make more informed choices and support sustainable practices.

Promoting a Sustainable Future for Coffee

With the Coffee Atlas, Solidaridad hopes to drive positive change in the coffee industry. By amplifying the voices of small farmers and promoting their interests, Solidaridad intends to create a more equitable and sustainable future for coffee.


Solidaridad’s Coffee Atlas is more than just a collection of stories; it is a testament to the resilience and determination of small-scale coffee farmers worldwide. Through this initiative, Solidaridad aims to empower farmers, foster dialogue, and inspire action toward a brighter future for the global coffee community.

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