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Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide: Data-Driven Insights

The Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide: A Data-Driven Tool for the Coffee Industry

The Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide (SCTG) is an essential resource for actors in the coffee industry. Its 2023 edition has just been released, offering valuable data-driven insights and facilitating green coffee price discovery.

With the ever-changing dynamics of the coffee market, it is crucial for stakeholders to have access to accurate information and pricing trends. The SCTG serves as a comprehensive guide that enables industry professionals to make informed decisions.

A Data-Driven Approach to Price Discovery

Gone are the days when coffee prices were determined solely through negotiations between buyers and sellers. The SCTG introduces a new era of transparency with its data-driven approach to price discovery.

By analyzing historical data and market trends, the guide provides a clear understanding of the factors influencing coffee prices. It takes into account variables such as quality, origin, market demand, and supply chain costs.

Benefitting the Entire Coffee Chain

The SCTG benefits all actors involved in the coffee value chain. From farmers and exporters to roasters and retailers, each player can leverage this guide to optimize their decision-making processes.

For coffee farmers, the SCTG offers insights into global market prices and trends. This knowledge empowers them to negotiate fair prices and secure better contracts, ultimately improving their livelihoods.

Exporters and importers can use the guide to identify profitable opportunities and make strategic investments. They can better understand the market dynamics and develop valuable partnerships based on reliable data.

Roasters and retailers gain a competitive edge by staying up-to-date with pricing trends. With the SCTG, they can adapt their business strategies to meet consumer demands and remain profitable in an ever-evolving industry.

The Continuous Evolution of the SCTG

The SCTG is a living document that evolves with the coffee industry. It adapts to changes in market conditions and incorporates new insights gathered from industry stakeholders.

Through collaboration with specialized organizations and individuals, the guide ensures that it stays relevant and reflective of the current coffee landscape. This continuous improvement guarantees its usefulness as a pioneering industry tool.


The Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide (SCTG) is an invaluable resource for the coffee industry, providing a data-driven approach to green coffee price discovery. With its comprehensive analysis and insights, it equips coffee professionals with the knowledge they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

As the coffee industry continues to evolve, the SCTG remains at the forefront, assisting stakeholders at every step of the coffee value chain. By embracing transparency and leveraging data, the coffee industry can drive sustainable growth, foster meaningful relationships, and ensure a vibrant future for all involved.

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