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World Coffee’s Global Journey

World History and Geography of Arabica Cultivars

Bay Area-based coffee trading company Royal Coffee has recently published a fascinating historical analysis of the coffee family tree. Titled “World History and Geography of Arabica Cultivars,” this project provides a comprehensive overview of the origins and spread of Arabica coffee varieties.

The coffee family tree is an intricate web of different cultivars, each with its unique characteristics and flavors. Understanding the history and geography of these cultivars is essential for coffee enthusiasts, farmers, and industry professionals.

The Significance of Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is widely regarded as the superior species in terms of taste and quality. It accounts for approximately 60% of the world’s coffee production and is highly sought after by specialty coffee roasters and consumers alike.

However, many people are unaware of the diverse origins of the Arabica cultivars and how they have spread across the globe. The World History and Geography of Arabica Cultivars sheds light on these crucial aspects, expanding our knowledge of coffee’s journey throughout history.

A Detailed Exploration of Arabica Coffee

Royal Coffee’s project delves deep into the origins of Arabica coffee, starting with its birthplace in the highlands of Ethiopia. The study traces the cultivation and expansion of Arabica coffee into Yemen, where it became ingrained in the local culture.

From Yemen, Arabica coffee made its way to the European colonial powers, who played a significant role in spreading it worldwide. The project highlights the role of Dutch traders in introducing Arabica coffee to Indonesia and the subsequent introduction to other regions.

The project also explores the impact of colonization on Arabica coffee and the emergence of distinct regional varieties. It examines how different climates, altitudes, and cultivation practices have influenced the flavor profiles of Arabica coffee in various parts of the world.

Highlighting Coffee’s Rich History

By presenting the World History and Geography of Arabica Cultivars, Royal Coffee aims to educate and engage coffee enthusiasts on the rich history of their favorite beverage. The project unveils the stories behind the diverse array of Arabica cultivars we enjoy today.

Understanding the origins, journey, and development of different Arabica coffee varieties enables us to appreciate the hard work and dedication of coffee farmers worldwide. It also deepens our appreciation for the flavors and aromas that each unique cultivar brings to our cups.


The World History and Geography of Arabica Cultivars is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of coffee. Royal Coffee’s comprehensive analysis allows us to explore the intricate web of Arabica coffee’s origins and cultivation techniques, further enriching our coffee experience.

As we sip our cup of coffee, we can now envision the long and captivating journey it has taken, from the highlands of Ethiopia to our morning routine. Coffee truly is a global treasure, and projects like this remind us of its enduring legacy.

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