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Best Coffee Shops In Kansas City

Kansas City is a coffee-lover’s paradise! It’s home to some of the best coffee shops in the nation. From trendy cafes to hidden gems, there’s something to suit any taste.

  • The Roasterie is a must-visit spot. They specialize in air-roasted beans and their baristas are passionate about their craft.
  • Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters is another local favorite. Enjoy a cup of joe in their cozy and laid-back atmosphere.
  • Messenger Coffee Co. & Ibis Bakery combines two passions into one unforgettable experience. This stylish spot also has an onsite bakery.
  • For something truly unique, check out Oddly Correct. They take an unconventional approach to brewing coffee and create unique flavor profiles. Plus, they make amazing latte art!

It’s no wonder Travel + Leisure magazine named Kansas City one of the “Best Cities for Coffee Lovers.” Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just enjoy a cup every now and then, KC’s coffee culture is sure to please!

Criteria for selecting the best coffee shops in Kansas City

In exploring the best coffee shops in Kansas City, four key criteria come to mind:

  1. Quality beans, freshly roasted, brewed by skilled baristas, are essential for a good cup of Joe.
  2. Ambiance is important too – an inviting atmosphere creates a comfortable space to relax.
  3. Customer service is key, with friendly and attentive staff.
  4. Variety/innovation can make one shop stand out from the rest.

Some coffee shops go the extra mile, collaborating with local artists or hosting live music events, giving customers a cultural experience. Don’t miss out on KC’s incredible coffee scene! With its vibrant culture and commitment to excellence, it boasts numerous exceptional coffee shops waiting to be discovered. Grab your favorite book or bring a friend – indulging in a cup of expertly crafted Joe at these outstanding establishments is an experience you won’t want to miss!

Starbucks – A popular choice for coffee lovers

Starbucks is a popular pick for coffee lovers. It’s a global hub for quality coffee. With consistent flavor profiles and menu options, Starbucks offers something special for every taste.

At Starbucks, you can savor signature blends like Pike Place Roast and Blonde Espresso. Plus, you can customize your drink with milk, syrups, and toppings.

What sets Starbucks apart is its atmosphere and commitment to customer satisfaction. Cozy vibes, friendly baristas – it’s a spot for relaxation or productivity.

Before it was an international chain, Starbucks was just one store in Seattle’s Pikes Place Market in 1971. It sold premium roasted coffees and fresh beans. Now, Starbucks is one of the world’s most recognized coffee chains with thousands of locations.

The Roasterie – A local favorite with a unique brewing process

The Roasterie stands out in Kansas City! Here’s why:

  1. Sky-roasting! This place roasts beans at high altitude, making them flavorful and aromatic.
  2. Freshness! Direct trade model means only the best beans for customers.
  3. Varietal selection! Different regions offer unique flavors.
  4. Expertly trained staff! Baristas provide great coffee based on individual preferences.
  5. Unique cafe experience! Aviation-themed space makes for a cozy atmosphere.

Plus, The Roasterie offers educational sessions and has received numerous accolades. It was even named one of the “Best Coffee Shops in Kansas City” by Kansas City Magazine!

Messenger Coffee Co. – A trendy spot for coffee and conversation

Messenger Coffee Co. blends modern style with a comfy feel, creating the ideal spot for sipping a hot cup of coffee and having meaningful talks. This coffee shop is a popular destination in Kansas City for those wanting an extraordinary coffee experience.

Once you enter Messenger Coffee Co., you’ll smell the delightful scent of freshly brewed coffee. The smooth interior design, featuring industrial elements and cozy seating, provides a relaxed time. The staff always help you find the right cup of coffee for your taste.

What sets Messenger Coffee Co. apart from other places in Kansas City is their commitment to sourcing top-notch beans from around the world. They’re passionate about their craft, roasting and brewing each batch with precision. If you prefer espresso or pour-over, their baristas will prepare your drink with care.

A unique bit about Messenger Coffee Co.‘s history is its place in the city’s coffee scene. Established in 2017, this coffee shop gained repute for its dedication to the local coffee culture. Since then, it’s attracted both passionate coffee fans and people searching for a workspace or meeting place.

Mildred’s Coffeehouse – A cozy atmosphere with a variety of coffee options

Mildred’s Coffeehouse offers an inviting ambiance, complemented by a variety of coffee options. It focuses on creating a cozy atmosphere. You can find something to suit your taste – from espresso-based drinks to flavorful pour-over options. The baristas are there to help and craft the perfect cup.

The decor and seating arrangements create a welcoming environment. You can use the spot for reflection or for conversations with friends. Plus, it showcases local artwork to add character and charm to the space.

Kansas City Magazine voted Mildred’s Coffeehouse one of the city’s best coffee shops. Locals love it for its amazing atmosphere and diverse coffee selections.

Quay Coffee – A hidden gem with artisanal coffee blends

Quay Coffee is a hidden gem in Kansas City. It’s known for amazing artisanal coffee brews that everyone can enjoy. Step inside and you’ll be embraced by delightful aromas that excite the senses.

The baristas take pride in their craft. Every cup is made to perfection. From dark roast to lattes, each sip takes you to a flavorful world.

Quay Coffee sources beans with unique flavors and characteristics from around the globe. They have something for everyone – from bold to subtle tastes.

But it’s not just the coffee; it’s the experience. The welcoming atmosphere and cozy seating areas make it a perfect spot to hang out with friends or relax with a book.

If you appreciate coffee, you can’t miss Quay Coffee. Take a break and embark on a journey of rich flavors and aromas. Your taste buds will thank you!

Second Best Coffee – A must-visit for specialty coffee enthusiasts

Second Best Coffee is a paradise for coffee-lovers who adore specialty brews. Let’s discover what makes this café an absolute must-visit for die-hard coffee aficionados!

  • Unrivaled Quality: Second Best only uses the finest beans. Every cup of coffee is brewed with precision and care, producing flavors that will delight your taste buds.
  • Stunning Variety: The café offers an impressive selection of drinks. From velvety lattes to stimulating espressos, their menu has something for everyone.
  • Passion for Perfection: The baristas are true masters, dedicated to perfecting their craft. Every cup is a work of art, skillfully crafted from simple ingredients.

Plus, Second Best Coffee has many features that make it stand out. With a cozy atmosphere, and staff who are always ready to guide you through the exceptional menu, this café offers an incredible experience.

An intriguing story about Second Best Coffee circulates too. It is said that the founder journeyed to find the world’s best coffee plantations before opening the café. Their commitment to excellence resulted in this beloved Kansas City destination for specialty coffee fanatics.

To conclude, Second Best Coffee delivers an extraordinary coffee experience. Quality, flavor, and passion for perfection are all evident here. Plus, there’s a hint of mystery surrounding the café’s creation.


Here, we explored some great coffee shops in Kansas City. It’s well-known for its diverse cafe culture. From classic favorites to hidden gems, each shop has its own vibe. Some have plush seats and rustic decor. Others have modern designs with neat countertops. But, they all serve top-notch coffee.

These shops also prioritize sustainability. By sourcing beans from local farmers or growing them on-site, they support the local economy. Plus, baristas are experts at crafting the perfect cup. Whether it’s a classic latte or seasonal specialty, customers get an unforgettable experience.

Kansas City’s love of coffee started centuries ago. Traders brought it to the area during the pioneer era. Now, it’s part of the city’s way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the best coffee shops in Kansas City?

A: Some highly rated coffee shops in Kansas City include Messenger Coffee Co., Quay Coffee, and Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters.

Q: Do any of these coffee shops offer vegan options?

A: Yes, many of the coffee shops in Kansas City offer vegan options, such as alternative milk choices and vegan pastries.

Q: Are there any coffee shops in Kansas City with outdoor seating?

A: Yes, there are several coffee shops in Kansas City that offer outdoor seating, allowing customers to enjoy their coffee in the open air.

Q: Which coffee shop has the most comfortable seating?

A: Comfortable seating options can vary among coffee shops, but many customers recommend visiting Oddly Correct Coffee Bar for its cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Q: Are there any coffee shops in Kansas City that roast their own coffee beans?

A: Yes, several coffee shops in Kansas City roast their own coffee beans, ensuring a fresh and unique coffee experience. Messenger Coffee Co. and Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters are known for their in-house roasting.

Q: Do any of these coffee shops host live performances or events?

A: Yes, some coffee shops in Kansas City regularly host live performances, open mic nights, or other events. Quay Coffee and Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters are known for their vibrant atmosphere and cultural events.

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