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Best Coffee Shops In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh – steeped in history and alive with culture – boasts some of the best coffee shops around. With a world of options, coffee connoisseurs can find their ideal spot for a caffeine hit.

Spread across many neighborhoods in the city, these coffee havens have more than just a delicious brew. Whether it’s a cozy atmosphere to work or socialize, or expertly-crafted coffee creations you’re after, Pittsburgh’s coffee shops are the place to go.

These establishments not only serve up top-notch beverages, but also provide unique experiences. From charming decor that takes you back in time, to picturesque outdoor seating areas, each cafe has its own personality that keeps people coming back for more.

A fascinating thing about these cafes is the way they combine modern trends and Pittsburgh’s industrial heritage. Many coffee shops occupy renovated old buildings, with a vintage charm and modern design. This creates an atmosphere that honors the city’s past, while embracing its present vibrancy.

The local coffee scene in Pittsburgh is growing. New cafes and roasteries continue to sprout up, adding new flavors and experiences. With a focus on supporting local businesses and farmers, these places offer excellent quality and give back to the community.

Criteria for selecting the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh

To find the top coffee shops in Pittsburgh, certain criteria must be taken into account. Quality of coffee, variety of drinks, ambiance, customer service, and overall reputation all matter.

Check out this table for key criteria to consider in your search:

Criteria True Data
Quality of Coffee Locally sourced beans, freshly roasted
Variety of Drinks Wide selection of espresso-based drinks, specialty beverages
Ambiance and Atmosphere Cozy seating areas, modern decor
Customer Service Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Overall Reputation Positive reviews from customers

Plus, some coffee shops have added features like outdoor seating or live music. These can make a coffee shop stand out.

Pro Tip: See if the coffee shop offers loyalty programs or discounts. This could give extra value to your coffee experiences in Pittsburgh.

Top 5 coffee shops in Pittsburgh

Coffee fans in Pittsburgh, rejoice! This city is home to some of the finest coffee shops around. Here are the 5 top spots – each with unique experiences and delicious flavors.

  • Java Joe’s is a must-visit. Located downtown, this cozy cafe has an inviting atmosphere and a range of specialty coffees. Their baristas craft beautiful latte art and their signature espressos are heavenly.
  • Brew Haven is another favorite. Enjoy exceptional coffee and craft beers here – all in a modern industrial setting. It’s a perfect spot for coffee and beer lovers alike.
  • Tasting Notes Café offers a unique experience. Sip delicious coffee while listening to live music from local artists. It’s an unforgettable experience.
  • The Roasted Beanery is a haven for coffee connoisseurs. They source the finest beans from around the world, creating masterpieces in every cup. From pour-overs to espresso drinks, they cater to all tastes.

The Coffee House Retreat is also worth a mention. Relax here with lush greenery and cozy nooks – plus great coffee.

Make the most of your visits to these delightful cafes. Try a different drink each time – from cappuccinos to craft beer. Take part in a coffee tasting session, and try the Roasted Beanery’s subscription service. Enjoy exquisite taste from the comfort of your own home.

Honorable mentions beyond the top 5

Have you heard of Pittsburgh’s vibrant coffee culture? We’ve already explored the top 5 coffee shops in the area. But here’s something special – 6 honorable mentions that shouldn’t be overlooked!

  • 1. GrayMatter Coffee: Downtown Pittsburgh. Ethically sourced beans. Mind-blowing brewing methods.
  • 2. Big Dog Coffee: South Side. Cozy spot. Homemade pastries.
  • 3. Ineffable CaFe: East End. Art & coffee. Relax & enjoy.
  • 4. Tazza D’Oro: Highland Park & Millvale. Sustainable organic brews.
  • 5. Constellation Coffee: Lawrenceville. Curated selection of beans.
  • 6. Black Forge Coffee House: Allentown. Edgy coffee experience. Live music events.

These unique experiences & flavors make a lasting impression. Did you know? Pittsburgh was once known as the “Coffee Capital of the World” in the 19th century. We can still feel the city’s rich history in the thriving café culture today!


Pittsburgh is a vibrant city, filled with exceptional coffee shops! They all have their own charm and provide a delightful experience. From carefully selected beans to skilled baristas, they offer a haven for coffee lovers.

Commonplace Coffee” is renowned for ethically sourced beans and impeccably crafted brews.

Espresso A Mano” is an intimate café that prides itself on artisanal coffee. Each cup is handcrafted with attention to detail, making the tasting experience truly exceptional.

Arriviste Coffee Bar” is sleek and trendy, offering a modern twist on traditional coffee. From pour-overs to lattes, innovation meets classic flavors.

4121 Main” is a cozy café, with a friendly staff and inviting atmosphere.

Zeke’s Coffee” is a small-batch roaster that sources high-quality beans from around the world. They create blends that are rich in flavor and character.

Pittsburgh was once known as the “Steel City“, due to its steel industry. This industrial past has undoubtedly shaped the city’s thriving coffee culture, with these exceptional coffee shops!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh:

1. What are some popular coffee shops in Pittsburgh?

Some popular coffee shops in Pittsburgh include La Prima Espresso, Commonplace Coffee, and Tazza D’Oro.

2. Which coffee shop offers the best ambiance for studying or working?

The Big Dog Coffee is known for its cozy atmosphere and is a great place for studying or working.

3. Are there any coffee shops in Pittsburgh that offer vegan or dairy-free options?

Yes, 4121 Main and Zeke’s Coffee offer a variety of vegan and dairy-free options for coffee and snacks.

4. Can I find coffee shops with outdoor seating in Pittsburgh?

Yes, several coffee shops in Pittsburgh offer outdoor seating, such as Biddle’s Escape and Espresso A Mano.

5. Which coffee shop in Pittsburgh has the best selection of specialty coffees?

Commonplace Coffee Roasters is known for its extensive selection of specialty coffees from around the world.

6. Are there any coffee shops in Pittsburgh that roast their own coffee beans?

Yes, Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange is a popular coffee shop that roasts its own beans on-site.

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