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Cup of Excellence: Celebrating Coffee Excellence

The Cup of Excellence (CoE) coffee competition and auction platform

The Cup of Excellence (CoE) coffee competition and auction platform was born in Brazil more than two decades ago and has since expanded to coffee-producing countries all over the world.

Cup of Excellence is a prestigious event that celebrates the best coffees from each participating country. It aims to identify and reward exceptional quality coffees, giving producers recognition and the opportunity to connect with buyers who appreciate their craftsmanship.

With its origins in Brazil, the birthplace of CoE, the competition has grown into a global phenomenon. Coffee-producing countries have embraced the Cup of Excellence as a platform to showcase their unique coffee profiles and to compete for international recognition.

Each participating country organizes its own national competition to determine the top coffees. The competition follows a rigorous judging process conducted by a panel of international coffee experts, who evaluate the beans based on strict criteria such as aroma, flavor, acidity, and overall quality. Only the highest-scoring coffees make it to the final stage: the Cup of Excellence auction.

The Cup of Excellence auction is an exciting event where buyers from around the world bid on the winning coffees. This auction is known for fetching premium prices, as buyers are eager to acquire these extraordinary coffees with distinctive flavors and characteristics.

One of the key benefits of the Cup of Excellence is its direct impact on coffee producers. The recognition gained from winning the competition can significantly increase the value and demand for their coffees. It provides small-scale farmers with opportunities to access premium markets, establish long-term relationships with buyers, and improve their livelihoods.

Moreover, the Cup of Excellence fosters transparency in the coffee industry. By showcasing the winning coffees and the stories behind them, consumers gain a deeper understanding of the journey from bean to cup. They can make informed choices and support sustainable and ethical practices in coffee production.

Over the years, the Cup of Excellence has become a symbol of excellence and a mark of distinction for coffee producers. It continues to inspire innovation and quality improvement in the coffee sector, driving the pursuit of exceptional flavors and elevating the reputation of coffee-producing regions worldwide.

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