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Empowering Women in Coffee

Empowering Women in the Coffee Industry

Blanca Castro, the Executive Director of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), has been working tirelessly to empower women in the coffee industry. Her journey began years ago when she joined the Guatemalan coffee association, Anacafé, without much knowledge about coffee. However, she quickly immersed herself in the world of coffee, determined to make a difference.

The Birth of IWCA

During her time at Anacafé, Castro realized the significant challenges faced by women in the coffee sector. She witnessed inequality, limited access to resources, and a lack of representation for women in decision-making positions. Fuelled by a desire to bring about change, Castro co-founded the IWCA, a global network dedicated to promoting women’s leadership and empowerment in the coffee industry.

Supporting Women’s Coffee Associations

One of IWCA’s primary initiatives is to support and strengthen women’s coffee associations around the world. These associations provide vital platforms for women to connect, share knowledge, and collectively address common challenges. Through training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, IWCA aims to equip women with the skills and resources needed to succeed in the coffee industry.

Promoting Gender Equality

IWCA works relentlessly to promote gender equality within the coffee value chain. By advocating for fair wages, equal opportunities, and safe working conditions, the organization strives to create an inclusive and equitable industry. Through awareness campaigns and partnerships with various stakeholders, IWCA seeks to eliminate gender-based discrimination and empower women at every level of the coffee business.

Celebrating Women’s Achievements

In addition to their advocacy efforts, IWCA actively celebrates the achievements of women in the coffee industry. They recognize and honor women who have excelled in various roles, such as coffee producers, roasters, baristas, and leaders. By highlighting these success stories, IWCA aims to inspire and motivate more women to pursue their dreams in the coffee world.

A Vision for the Future

Under Blanca Castro’s leadership, IWCA continues to expand its reach and impact. Their goal is to create a future where women in coffee have equal opportunities, access to resources, and recognition for their contributions. Through collaboration with like-minded organizations, governments, and industry stakeholders, IWCA strives to build a vibrant and inclusive coffee community that thrives on diversity and gender equality.

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