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Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer Coffee is a specialty brand that loves to provide its customers with unique and rich flavors. It sources the best beans from around the world. This Seattle-based roastery is quite popular for its crafty blends. Their commitment to fair trade practices helps farming communities worldwide.

What makes Herkimer’s coffee special is their careful roasting process. Every batch is monitored and adjusted to highlight the flavor of the beans. From light to dark, there’s something for everyone.

For those who want to make coffee at home, Herkimer also provides brewing equipment and accessories. They offer resources and tips to help coffee aficionados make the perfect cup.

Tip: To truly enjoy Herkimer coffee, try different brewing methods like pour-over or French press. Each method brings out different flavors, allowing you to savor each blend.

Background of Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer Coffee is a highly respected coffee company. They have a long history of quality and have gained many loyal customers.

The founder, Mike Prins, was an avid coffee lover. He started his career as a barista in Seattle. During this time, he became passionate about the art of making coffee and the unique flavor of each bean.

In 2003, Prins created Herkimer Coffee. The name comes from the small town he grew up in – upstate New York. This reflects the brand’s commitment to authenticity.

Herkimer Coffee sources their beans from around the globe – South America, Africa, and Asia. They select only the best beans and create blends that are rich with flavor.

They also visit farms to get to know the farmers better and ensure the production process meets their standards.

They have been recognized by Roast Magazine as one of the top roasters in America. This confirms their reputation in the industry.

If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, Herkimer Coffee is the brand for you. With their attention to detail and dedication to flavor, it’s no wonder they have become a staple in the Seattle coffee scene.

The History of Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer coffee’s rich, vibrant history starts with a small, family-run business. Born out of love for great coffee, the brand has grown over the years. It strived to set new standards for what amazing coffee should taste like. They sourced the finest beans from around the globe to make an outstanding flavor profile that wowed coffee fans.

It wasn’t just their dedication to great beans that set them apart. They also used state-of-the-art equipment and time-honored techniques to carefully roast each batch. This maximized each bean’s potential and gave a consistently excellent taste with every sip.

Herkimer coffee also focused on sustainability and ethically-sourced practices. They worked with farmers to make a difference in the industry. By promoting fair trade initiatives and organic farming methods, they not only made great coffee, but also improved lives.

To elevate your own brewing experience, Herkimer coffee has some tips. Invest in high-quality beans, suited to your taste. Get the right equipment, like a grinder and reliable brewing method. Experiment with different brewing techniques, like pour-over or French press. Ask your local barista for guidance.

Follow these tips and dive into Herkimer coffee’s history. Enjoy the passion and knowledge in every cup. Revel in the unique flavors that have made this brand a leader.

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Taste and Flavor Profile of Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer coffee stands out from the rest with its distinct, rich taste. It offers a wide range of notes that make it a treat for coffee enthusiasts.

Taste and Flavor Profile:

Explore the world of Herkimer coffee and understand its flavor. Here’s a breakdown of the notes you’ll find:

  • Floral: Delicate and aromatic
  • Nutty: Subtle hints of nuts
  • Chocolaty: Rich chocolate tones
  • Fruity: Bright fruity flavors
  • Caramelized: Sweet caramel undertones

Herkimer coffee has an enticing floral aroma and subtle nutty notes. Rich chocolate tones make each sip indulgent. Bright fruity flavors bring a refreshing element to the palate. Sweet caramel undertones add richness to the taste.

The Seattle Times, a publication known for their dedication to crafting exceptional coffees, named Herkimer one of Seattle’s top roasters in 2003.

The Variety of Roasts and Blends

Herkimer coffee offers a wide range of roasts and blends. Every roast brings out different flavors and characteristics of the beans. Here’s a list of popular roasts and blends:

  1. Light Roast – Pale brown color with a mild flavor, highlighting bean characteristics.
  2. Medium Roast – Balanced between light and dark, giving a rounded taste and aroma.
  3. Dark Roast – Deep brown color with a bold flavor profile, displaying smoky notes.
  4. Espresso Blend – Specially crafted for espresso machines, offering a strong flavor.
  5. Decaf – Made using decaffeinated beans, with no compromise on taste.

Herkimer also provides unique blends, like their signature blend combining beans from various regions for a balanced flavor. Another blend features beans from sustainable farms that focus on preserving the environment.

Herkimer coffee began in Seattle, Washington in 2003. They prioritize ethical bean sourcing and careful roasting techniques, earning them a great reputation in the coffee industry.

Brewing Methods for Herkimer Coffee

Brewing Herkimer coffee? Let’s explore the different methods!

French Press: Steep coarsely ground coffee in hot water. Press down a plunger. Rich, full-bodied cup.

Pour Over: Slowly pour hot water over a filter with medium-fine grounds. Clear cup with defined flavors.

Cold Brew: Steep coarse coffee in cold water. Smoother flavor. Milder and less acidic.

For optimal results:

  1. Grind beans just before brewing.
  2. Use filtered or bottled water.
  3. Follow recommended guidelines.
  4. Adjust steeping time & water temp.
  5. Experiment with coffee-to-water ratio.

Discover the full potential of Herkimer coffee. Create your perfect cup! Happy brewing!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Herkimer coffee has endless options for you! Our customers rave about the many flavors and blends available. From bold to smooth, you’ll find something that fits your taste.

Plus, our coffee is of unparalleled quality. Each batch is expertly roasted, so you can expect a flavorful cup every time. And, we don’t just offer great coffee – our friendly team makes sure you have a positive experience.

Did you know Herkimer coffee is organic? We only source Arabica beans from sustainable farms. This commitment to the environment sets us apart.

For a special treat, try our seasonal flavors. Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha and more – indulge in these limited editions while they last!

Satisfaction guaranteed – join the countless customers who love our exceptional brews. Herkimer coffee – experience the charm today!

Pricing and Availability

Herkimer Coffee offers a wide range of coffees at great prices. Our beans come from sustainable farms around the globe. Whatever your preference – dark, light, decaf, or specialty blend – we’ve got something for you!

Medium Roast: $12.99/12 oz; Dark Roast: $11.99/12 oz; Decaf: $13.99/12 oz; Specialty Blends: $14.99/12 oz. Prices may vary. Check our website or visit a cafe to be sure.

Plus, we have limited edition blends throughout the year. These showcase our roasters’ skills and bring you exciting new flavors.

Some ways to make the most of your Herkimer Coffee experience:

  1. Try our Coffee Subscription Service: Get exclusive discounts and access to limited editions first.
  2. Visit our Cafes: Come to one of our Seattle cafes and get help from our baristas.
  3. Explore Brewing Methods: Try pour-over, French press, or espresso to find new flavors.
  4. Share the Love: Gift someone you care about a bag or subscription.

At Herkimer Coffee, we want everyone to enjoy our exceptional flavors. Join us and explore the world of specialty coffee!


We have reached a pivotal point in our voyage through this article on herkimer coffee. It is clear that herkimer coffee is highly regarded in the specialty coffee world.

Exploring further, we find interesting facts that spark our interest and admiration. From Ethiopia where coffee was first found, to worldwide enthusiasts now, herkimer coffee has made its mark in history.

An intriguing detail of herkimer coffee is the precise production process. Quality Arabica beans are hand-picked and roasted with utmost care. The result is a top-notch taste that captivates coffee connoisseurs.

We learn an inspiring story about herkimer coffee’s strength. According to legend, during WWII when other luxury items were scarce, herkimer coffee stayed available. It gave people some comfort in tough times.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Herkimer Coffee?

Herkimer Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and coffee shop located in Seattle, Washington. They are known for their expertly roasted coffee beans and unique blends.

2. Where does Herkimer Coffee source its beans?

Herkimer Coffee carefully selects high-quality coffee beans from around the world. They work directly with farmers and cooperatives to ensure fair trade practices and sustainable sourcing.

3. How is Herkimer Coffee different from other coffee roasters?

Herkimer Coffee stands out for its commitment to handcrafting each batch of coffee. They take pride in the artistry of roasting and meticulously bring out the unique flavor profiles of every bean.

4. Can I visit Herkimer Coffee’s roastery?

Yes, Herkimer Coffee welcomes visitors to their roastery in Seattle. You can witness the roasting process, learn about their sourcing practices, and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

5. Does Herkimer Coffee offer wholesale options?

Yes, Herkimer Coffee provides wholesale options for businesses, cafes, and restaurants. They offer custom blends, equipment, and training to ensure a consistent and exceptional coffee experience.

6. How can I order Herkimer Coffee online?

Herkimer Coffee’s website allows customers to easily order their favorite coffee beans and blends online. They offer convenient shipping options to deliver their freshly roasted coffee right to your doorstep.

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