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Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original



Nespresso Vertuo and Original have unique features, making it hard to choose between them. So, let’s dive in and explore!

Vertuo has revolutionary centrifugal brewing tech that ensures a perfect cup, every time. Plus, its barcode recognition system adjusts parameters for consistent results. Also, its capsule sizes let you customize the beverage.

Original, on the other hand, has a classic espresso experience with its high-pressure pump. It produces a rich and aromatic crema, like traditional Italian espresso. Furthermore, it provides a greater variety of coffee blends and flavors.

If you prefer convenience and versatility, Vertuo is the way to go. Its advanced features make brewing easy and give consistent quality. But, if you value authenticity and more options, Original is the machine for you.

Differences between Nespresso Vertuo and Original

Nespresso Vertuo is a shocker! Not only does it make yummy coffee, but it also features brewing tech and cup sizes that are different from the Original line. This includes high-pressure extraction to deliver a strong espresso, as well as Centrifusion technology to mix ground coffee with water for a smooth flavor. It has a range of cup sizes from 1.35oz to 14oz, and blends specially crafted to match the cup size.

Plus, Nespresso machines are super easy to use and brew quickly. According to Euromonitor International in 2019, Nespresso holds a 36% share of the global portioned coffee market. So it’s not just a shocker; it’s a leader!

Benefits and drawbacks of Nespresso Vertuo

The Nespresso Vertuo is a popular coffee machine. It brings pros and cons. Let’s explore them:

Benefits Drawbacks
1. Rich flavor and aroma. 1. Limited variety of coffee capsules.
2. Fast heating time. 2. Higher cost per capsule.
3. Automatic blend recognition. 3. May take up more counter space.

The Vertuo has Centrifusion tech which delivers a great cup of coffee with a crema layer. The range of coffee capsules is growing, but not as much as the Original line.

It has a quick heat-up system. But the cost per capsule may be higher than other brands.

The Vertuo has auto blend recognition. It adjusts brewing based on the capsule’s barcode. This gives consistent results.

But, its bigger size may cause space issues in small kitchens.

Love the Nespresso Original. But be warned, its addictive flavor may make you a cafe-connoisseur who spends more time in the kitchen than the office!

Benefits and drawbacks of Nespresso Original

Nespresso Original has pros and cons to consider. Let’s take a look!


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Consistent and high-quality taste.
  • Quick brewing process.


  • Limited variety of coffee pods.
  • Higher cost per capsule.
  • Limited customization options.

Plus, it’s built to last and its sleek, compact design looks great on any kitchen countertop!

My friend tried out the Nespresso Original machine and loved it. Being a coffee lover, she was thrilled by how simple it was to make a delicious cup of coffee when she wanted one. She was also pleasantly surprised by the smooth, consistent taste every time. However, she did wish there were more variety in the coffee pods.

In the end, it’s all about finding the perfect coffee fit for you – like choosing between a reliable old friend and a flirtatious new lover.

Factors to consider when choosing between Vertuo and Original

Deciding between Nespresso Vertuo and Nespresso Original? Here are the key factors to help you make an informed decision.

Nespresso Vertuo Nespresso Original
1. Brewing Technology Centrifugal force extraction High-pressure pump system
2. Coffee Varieties Wide range of blends and flavors Limited selection of espresso-based coffees
3. Cup Sizes Supports multiple cup sizes ranging from espressos to large mugs Limited options for cup sizes, mainly focused on espressos
4. Brewing Time Rapid brewing process due to centrifugal force Takes a bit longer due to higher pressure system

Vertuo‘s single-touch button makes it great for busy people who need efficiency. Alternatively, Original provides a more traditional experience with its high-pressure pump system.

Here are some tips to help you choose:

  • Consider your favorite coffee varieties. Vertuo has a wide range of blends and flavors. But, if you prefer classic espresso-based coffees, Original is the better choice.
  • Evaluate your cup size preference. Vertuo has more flexibility for cups sizes, from espressos to mugs.
  • Think about brewing time. Vertuo is faster due to its centrifugal force extraction. But, if you’re okay with a longer wait, Original’s higher pressure system produces espresso-like perfection.

In the end, it’s all about your personal preferences and priorities. Choose wisely and enjoy every sip!


Deciding between the Nespresso Vertuo and Original? Consider their benefits.

The Original has diverse coffee types and sizes. The Vertuo has Centrifusion tech for rich crema.

The Vertuo only works with exclusive capsules. The Original is better for third-party options.

The Original is for customization. The Vertuo is for convenience and taste.

Pro Tip: Explore the flavor profiles to find your perfect cup of joe.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Nespresso Vertuo vs Original

1. What is the main difference between Nespresso Vertuo and Original?

The main difference between Nespresso Vertuo and Original is the brewing technology. While the Original line uses a high-pressure pump system, the Vertuo line utilizes centrifugal force to extract coffee. This difference results in varying taste profiles and beverage options.

2. Can I use Vertuo pods with Original machines or vice versa?

No, Vertuo pods and Original pods are not interchangeable. The Vertuo machines use a unique barcode system on the pods, allowing the machine to automatically adjust brewing parameters based on the specific blend. Original machines, on the other hand, do not read barcodes.

3. Which line offers a greater variety of coffee sizes?

The Vertuo line offers a greater variety of coffee sizes compared to the Original line. The Vertuo system offers 5 different cup sizes, ranging from espresso to a large travel mug size, accommodating different preferences and occasions. The Original line mainly focuses on smaller cup sizes.

4. Are Vertuo and Original machines priced differently?

Yes, Vertuo machines are generally priced higher than Original machines due to the difference in technology and functionality. However, prices can vary depending on the specific models and features of the machines.

5. Which line is more suitable for someone who prefers specialty coffee drinks?

For someone who enjoys specialty coffee drinks like espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes, the Original line might be more suitable. The Original line offers a wider range of espresso-based capsules and has a dedicated milk frother accessory for creating milk-based beverages.

6. Which line has a larger selection of coffee flavors?

Both the Vertuo and Original lines have a wide selection of coffee flavors available. However, the Original line has been available for a longer time and has a more extensive range of flavors, including limited edition offerings.

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