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Partnership to Monitor Deforestation in Coffee Chain

Partnership between NKG and Satelligence to Monitor Deforestation in Coffee Supply Chain – In preparation for the approaching deadline for compliance with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG), a leading multinational green coffee trading company, has announced a strategic partnership with Satelligence, a renowned Dutch firm specializing in deforestation monitoring using satellite technology.

The partnership aims to enhance NKG’s ability to monitor deforestation within its coffee supply chain, ensuring compliance with the EUDR regulations. By leveraging Satelligence’s expertise in satellite-based monitoring systems, NKG will have access to real-time data on changes in land cover and vegetation, enabling them to identify and address any potential instances of deforestation throughout their supply chain.

With the increasing global focus on sustainability and environmental protection, the coffee industry has been under scrutiny for its potential contributions to deforestation. As a responsible player in the coffee sector, NKG is taking proactive steps to ensure transparency and accountability in its operations.

Through this partnership, NKG aims to not only comply with the EUDR regulations but also drive positive change within the coffee industry. By actively monitoring and addressing deforestation risks, NKG is setting an example for other companies in the sector and reinforcing its commitment to sustainable sourcing practices.

The satellite-based monitoring system provided by Satelligence will enable NKG to accurately track changes in land use, identify areas at risk of deforestation, and take appropriate actions to mitigate these risks. This data-driven approach will help NKG make informed decisions regarding its sourcing, supply chain management, and engagement with coffee producers.

Furthermore, the partnership with Satelligence aligns with NKG’s broader sustainability strategy, which encompasses efforts to improve farmer livelihoods, promote responsible land management, and reduce the environmental impact of coffee production.

By collaborating with Satelligence, NKG aims to strengthen its position as a leader in sustainable coffee sourcing and contribute to the preservation of forests and biodiversity in coffee-growing regions. The company recognizes the importance of protecting natural resources and is committed to working towards a more sustainable future for the global coffee industry.

As the EU deadline for EUDR compliance approaches, NKG’s partnership with Satelligence demonstrates its dedication to meeting regulatory requirements, promoting transparency, and driving positive change within the coffee supply chain. By leveraging satellite technology and data-driven insights, NKG is actively working towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious coffee industry.

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