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Roastpic: Revolutionizing Coffee Quality Control

UC Davis Coffee Center and Probat Subsidiary Fabscale introduce Roastpic: A Revolutionary Image Analysis Tool for Coffee Quality Control

Scientists at the UC Davis Coffee Center have partnered with Probat subsidiary Fabscale to unveil an innovative app-based image analysis tool called Roastpic. This groundbreaking technology aims to revolutionize coffee quality control.

Roastpic, developed by the esteemed UC Davis Coffee Center in collaboration with Fabscale, utilizes cutting-edge image analysis techniques to assess and evaluate coffee bean quality during the roasting process. By analyzing images taken at different stages of roasting, Roastpic provides valuable insights into crucial parameters that impact coffee flavor, aroma, and overall quality.

The Power of Image Analysis

Roastpic harnesses the power of image analysis to provide precise and quantitative data on various aspects of roasted coffee beans. This includes color analysis, bean size distribution, surface texture, and more. By quickly and accurately assessing these parameters, coffee producers can make informed decisions to optimize the roasting process and enhance the final product.

Traditionally, coffee quality control has heavily relied on subjective human judgment and chemical analysis. While effective, these methods are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often lead to inconsistent results. Roastpic aims to address these limitations by offering an objective and efficient alternative.

Enhancing Efficiency and Consistency

With the Roastpic app, coffee producers can capture high-resolution images of coffee beans using a standard smartphone camera. The app then applies advanced algorithms developed by UC Davis Coffee Center and Fabscale to analyze the images and generate detailed reports instantly.

This real-time analysis enables coffee producers to identify potential issues during the roasting process promptly. By making adjustments based on the app’s insights, producers can optimize their roasting techniques for better consistency and quality control.

Furthermore, Roastpic provides a comprehensive database to store and track the analyzed images and reports. This allows coffee producers to monitor and compare different batches, identify trends, and refine their processes over time.

A Collaborative Effort

Roastpic is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the UC Davis Coffee Center, renowned for its coffee research and innovation, and Fabscale, a subsidiary of Probat known for its expertise in coffee roasting technology.

Together, these powerhouses have combined their knowledge and experience to develop an unparalleled tool that aims to transform coffee quality control practices worldwide.

The Future of Coffee Quality Control

As the coffee industry constantly strives for excellence, tools like Roastpic mark a major step forward in ensuring consistent quality and flavor profiles. By leveraging advanced image analysis technology, coffee producers can now achieve unprecedented precision and efficiency in their quality control procedures.

The launch of Roastpic has generated significant excitement and anticipation within the coffee industry. It is expected to find widespread adoption among both small-scale boutique coffee roasters and large commercial coffee producers.

With Roastpic, the UC Davis Coffee Center and Fabscale have once again demonstrated their commitment to pushing the boundaries of coffee research and innovation. The app represents a game-changer that promises to elevate the coffee industry to new heights of quality and excellence.

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