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Tampa Coffee Training Center

Tampa’s Buddy Brew Coffee Partners with Simonelli Group to Create Showroom and Training Center

Tampa, Florida-based Buddy Brew Coffee has teamed up with Simonelli Group, the parent organization of renowned Italian coffee equipment brand Victoria Arduino, to establish a showroom and coffee training center. The newly launched facility, known as the Buddy Brew Academy, aims to provide an immersive experience for coffee enthusiasts and professionals.

Located in Tampa, Florida, the Buddy Brew Academy showcases an impressive range of cutting-edge coffee equipment and tools from Victoria Arduino. The partnership between Buddy Brew Coffee and Simonelli Group allows aspiring baristas, coffee shop owners, and industry professionals to explore and learn about the latest advancements in the coffee world.

An Immersive Experience for Coffee Lovers

The Buddy Brew Academy offers a unique and immersive experience for anyone passionate about coffee. With its state-of-the-art showroom, visitors can get hands-on experience using a variety of coffee brewing methods and equipment. From traditional espresso machines to innovative brewing technologies, the Academy provides a comprehensive platform for coffee lovers to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge.

The showroom at the Buddy Brew Academy features an extensive collection of Victoria Arduino coffee machines, known for their exceptional quality and precision. Visitors can witness the craftsmanship behind these renowned machines and understand how they contribute to creating the perfect cup of coffee.

Expert-Led Coffee Training Programs

At the heart of the Buddy Brew Academy is its commitment to education and fostering expertise in the coffee industry. The Academy offers a range of professional coffee training programs led by seasoned experts in the field. These courses cover various aspects of coffee, including barista techniques, latte art, coffee roasting, cupping, and coffee business management.

Participants of the training programs have the opportunity to engage closely with industry professionals, gaining invaluable insights and practical skills. Whether someone is just starting their journey in the coffee industry or seeking to refine their existing knowledge, the Buddy Brew Academy’s training programs cater to all skill levels and interests.

A Hub for Coffee Professionals and Enthusiasts

The partnership between Buddy Brew Coffee and Simonelli Group aims to cultivate a thriving coffee community in Tampa and beyond. The Buddy Brew Academy serves as a hub for coffee professionals, fostering collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing.

In addition to training programs, the Academy organizes events, workshops, and seminars that bring together coffee enthusiasts, industry experts, and thought leaders. These occasions provide valuable opportunities for participants to deepen their understanding of coffee trends, techniques, and innovations.

Embracing the Future of Coffee

With the establishment of the Buddy Brew Academy, Tampa sees the emergence of a cutting-edge facility that embraces the future of the coffee industry. By combining the expertise of Buddy Brew Coffee and the esteemed reputation of Simonelli Group and Victoria Arduino, the Academy sets a new standard for coffee excellence.

Aspiring coffee professionals and passionate enthusiasts can now explore a world of possibilities at the Buddy Brew Academy, where innovation, education, and community converge.

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