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The Coffee Character Wheel: Enhancing Coffee Evaluation

New Cupping Tool: The Coffee Character Wheel

A new cupping tool has been developed to enhance the process of describing and identifying different coffee flavors. Funded by an Australian government agricultural agency, this innovative tool is known as the “Coffee Character Wheel.”

The Coffee Character Wheel aims to provide a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of coffee flavors. It allows coffee professionals and enthusiasts to better understand the intricate tastes, aromas, and nuances found in various coffee beans.

An Enhanced Cupping Experience

Traditional cupping involves a standardized evaluation process, where professionals assess elements such as aroma, acidity, body, and aftertaste. However, the Coffee Character Wheel takes this assessment to a new level by providing a broader spectrum for describing coffee flavors.

By using the Coffee Character Wheel, cuppers can identify specific flavor profiles and attributes that may otherwise be challenging to articulate. This tool assists in distinguishing between subtle differences in taste and helps expand the vocabulary used to describe coffee.

How Does the Coffee Character Wheel Work?

The Coffee Character Wheel is divided into sections, each representing a particular flavor category. These categories include fruity, floral, nutty, chocolatey, herbal, and many others.

Within each section, there are further subdivisions that allow for more precise descriptions of the flavors encountered in a cup of coffee. This hierarchical approach enables cuppers to pinpoint the exact characteristics they perceive during the tasting process.

A Global Impact

The development of the Coffee Character Wheel has garnered worldwide attention within the coffee industry. Professionals and enthusiasts alike are eager to utilize this groundbreaking tool to enrich their understanding and appreciation of coffee.

With its user-friendly design and intuitive format, the Coffee Character Wheel has the potential to become a staple in cupping sessions worldwide. It will aid in fostering a shared language for coffee evaluation and allow for more accurate communication between professionals.


The Coffee Character Wheel represents an exciting development in the world of coffee tasting. This innovative cupping tool provides a comprehensive framework for describing and identifying the diverse flavors present in different coffee beans. Its impact is expected to be substantial, shaping the way professionals and enthusiasts evaluate and discuss coffee for years to come.

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