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Cropster Boosts Roasting Precision

Cropster Introduces Roasting Intelligence 5

Coffee business solutions provider Cropster has recently launched Roasting Intelligence 5 (RI5), the latest version of its renowned profiling system for coffee roasters. With this release, Cropster continues to enhance its offerings to help businesses in the coffee industry optimize their roasting processes.

The new and improved RI5 brings a range of features and functionalities designed to empower roasters with advanced tools for precision and flexibility. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, coffee professionals can elevate their craft and deliver exceptional quality to their customers.

Enhanced Profile Management

RI5 introduces enhanced profile management capabilities, allowing roasters to easily create, store, and organize their own personalized roast profiles. The intuitive user interface enables seamless navigation and quick access to profiles, promoting efficient workflow and improved productivity.

Real-Time Data Visualization

One of the key highlights of RI5 is its real-time data visualization feature. Roasters can now monitor and analyze roast data as it happens, providing valuable insights into temperature curves, gas flow, and other important metrics. This live feedback enables roasters to make timely adjustments and maintain greater control over the roasting process.

Advanced Roast Replay

With the Advanced Roast Replay feature, RI5 allows roasters to revisit previous roast profiles and replicate them with ease. This functionality is invaluable for consistency, as it ensures that every batch of coffee meets the same standards and flavor profiles. Roasters can also experiment with different variables and compare results side by side.

Seamless Integration and Connectivity

RI5 boasts seamless integration and connectivity with various hardware devices, such as roast control systems and data loggers. This compatibility simplifies the process of data collection and analysis, streamlining operations and enabling roasters to make informed decisions based on accurate information.


Cropster’s RI5 is an exciting development in the coffee industry, providing roasters with state-of-the-art tools to enhance their craft and optimize roasting processes. With features like enhanced profile management, real-time data visualization, advanced roast replay, and seamless integration, Cropster continues to drive innovation and support the growth of businesses in the coffee sector.

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