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Fast-Growing Coffee Chain Scooter’s Coffee to Open New Distribution Center

Fast-Growing Coffee Chain Scooter’s Coffee to Open New Distribution Center

Leading coffee chain Scooter’s Coffee, in partnership with Harvest Roasting, has announced plans to establish a state-of-the-art distribution center in the suburbs of Indianapolis. The facility will cover an impressive area of 183,000 square feet and will be strategically located along I-65 in Whitestown.

The decision to open this immense distribution center comes as a response to Scooter’s Coffee’s rapid expansion and the increasing demand for their high-quality coffee products. The new facility will serve as a central hub for storing, processing, and distributing their coffee supplies to various Scooter’s Coffee locations across the United States.

With the distribution center’s strategic location along I-65, it will provide convenient access to major highways, ensuring efficient transportation of goods to Scooter’s Coffee shops nationwide. This optimized supply chain will result in quicker delivery times and fresher products reaching coffee enthusiasts.

Scooter’s Coffee is widely recognized for its commitment to sourcing and roasting premium Arabica coffee beans. By partnering with Harvest Roasting, a leading coffee supply company known for its expertise in coffee sourcing and processing, Scooter’s Coffee aims to maintain the exceptional quality and consistent taste that their customers expect.

The establishment of this distribution center reflects Scooter’s Coffee’s dedication to meeting the increasing demand for their products while ensuring operational efficiency. The company’s expansion plans demonstrate their commitment to providing coffee lovers with the best possible experience and satisfying their growing cravings for high-quality, handcrafted beverages.

In addition to expanding their physical infrastructure, Scooter’s Coffee continues to enhance their menu offerings by introducing new and innovative coffee creations. These exciting developments not only attract new customers but also ensure that loyal patrons can consistently enjoy a diverse selection of specialty coffees.

The construction of the distribution center is expected to create new employment opportunities, contributing to the local economy in Whitestown. Scooter’s Coffee’s dedication to community development extends beyond serving delicious coffee, making them an integral part of the towns and cities they operate in.

As Scooter’s Coffee and Harvest Roasting join forces to establish this extensive distribution center, coffee lovers throughout the United States can eagerly anticipate an enhanced coffee experience. With improved logistics and increased supply capacity, Scooter’s Coffee will continue to provide their customers with exceptional specialty coffee and continue their mission of spreading happiness, one cup at a time.

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