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The Roasting Room: Coffee Hub in South Bronx

The Roasting Room by Buunni: A Coffee Haven in the South Bronx

The coffee professionals at Buunni Coffee, a renowned brand based in New York City, are excitedly gearing up to introduce The Roasting Room by Buunni. This upcoming establishment is set to become a multifaceted co-roastery and education hub located in the vibrant South Bronx.


The visionaries behind Buunni Coffee, Sarina Prabasi and her husband Elias Gurmu, are committed to creating a unique space that fosters community engagement and coffee education. With their combined experience and passion for the industry, they aim to bring specialty coffee to new heights while supporting local coffee enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs.

A Hub for Roasting Excellence

The Roasting Room by Buunni will serve as a hub for all things related to roasting excellence, from sourcing exceptional beans to perfecting the art of roasting. This dedicated space will feature state-of-the-art roasting equipment, allowing coffee professionals and enthusiasts to hone their skills and experiment with various roasting techniques.

The founders believe that by creating this communal environment, they can encourage collaboration among coffee aficionados and industry experts. Through workshops, classes, and hands-on experiences, The Roasting Room aims to empower individuals to develop their expertise and deepen their understanding of coffee.

An Inclusive Learning Environment

In addition to offering a comprehensive roster of educational opportunities, The Roasting Room will prioritize inclusivity and accessibility. The founders intend to provide scholarships and apprenticeship programs, ensuring that aspiring coffee professionals from diverse backgrounds have equal access to resources and knowledge.

The team is excited to collaborate with local organizations, schools, and community groups to create internship and mentorship programs. By offering learning opportunities to individuals who may not have otherwise had the chance, The Roasting Room strives to empower traditionally marginalized communities within the coffee industry.

A Platform for Collaboration

The Roasting Room by Buunni aims to serve as a platform for collaboration, uniting coffee professionals, farmers, and enthusiasts. By fostering connections within the industry, they hope to facilitate knowledge sharing and support sustainable practices.

Through partnerships with coffee producers, The Roasting Room will emphasize the importance of fair trade and ethical sourcing. By directly engaging with farmers and establishing transparent supply chains, Buunni Coffee aims to create a positive impact from bean to cup.

Revitalizing the South Bronx Community

Beyond its impact on the coffee industry, The Roasting Room is expected to revitalize the South Bronx community. This exciting venture will contribute to economic growth, job opportunities, and cultural enrichment. As a result, the local residents will benefit from an infusion of energy and renewed pride in their neighborhood.

An Exciting Future

With The Roasting Room by Buunni, Sarina Prabasi and Elias Gurmu are poised to make a lasting impact on the specialty coffee scene in New York City. Their dedication to education, collaboration, and community engagement sets the stage for an exciting future of coffee innovation in the South Bronx and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on this eagerly anticipated venture!

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