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The Specialty Coffee Revolution in Merrill

The Specialty Coffee Revolution Reaches Merrill, Michigan

The town of Merrill, Michigan, may be small, but thanks to the efforts of Maureen and Chloe Woods, it is now taking part in the global specialty coffee movement. The mother-daughter team recently opened their own roastery, bringing a taste of the wide world of artisanal coffee to this quiet corner of the state.

A Passionate Endeavor

Maureen and Chloe’s journey into the world of coffee began with their shared passion for discovering unique flavors and experiencing different coffee cultures. Their desire to bring these diverse flavors home led them to open their very own roastery, aptly named “Mo Cocos.”

The Art of Roasting

Through meticulous sourcing and careful selection of green coffee beans from around the globe, Maureen and Chloe have curated an impressive range of top-quality beans. These beans are then roasted in small batches using specialized techniques to accentuate their inherent flavors and characteristics.

At Mo Cocos, the roasting process is truly an art form. Each batch is carefully monitored, with Maureen and Chloe using their expertise to create the perfect roast profile for each individual coffee. This attention to detail ensures that every cup of coffee brewed from their beans offers a truly exceptional taste experience.

Supporting Local Growers

While Mo Cocos brings the flavors of the wider coffee world to Merrill, the Woods duo has also made it a priority to support local coffee growers. They actively seek out partnerships with local farmers, establishing direct trade relationships that benefit both parties.

By working closely with these growers, Maureen and Chloe can ensure the exceptional quality of their beans while also contributing to the sustainability and economic development of their own community.

A Community Gathering Place

Mo Cocos is not just a roastery, but also a welcoming space for coffee lovers to gather, connect, and learn. The Woods have created a warm and inviting atmosphere where customers can sip on expertly crafted brews, participate in tasting events, and even attend educational workshops to deepen their appreciation for coffee.

With their passion for coffee and commitment to quality, Maureen and Chloe Woods have successfully brought the specialty coffee revolution to Merrill. Through Mo Cocos, they invite locals and visitors alike to explore the rich world of craft coffee right in their own backyard.

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