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The Return of the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence presents: The Return of the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence

Ethiopia Cup of Excellence 2024 is excited to announce the highly anticipated return of the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence green coffee competition and auction program. In collaboration with key Ethiopian coffee institutions, the nonprofit Cup of Excellence (CoE) has organized this prestigious event for the year 2024.

Unveiling the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence

The Ethiopia Cup of Excellence is an esteemed platform that celebrates the exceptional quality and unique flavors of Ethiopian coffee. This annual competition showcases the finest green coffees produced in different regions of Ethiopia, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the country’s talented coffee farmers.

Promoting Transparency and Sustainability

One of the primary objectives of the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence is to promote transparency and sustainability within the Ethiopian coffee industry. By implementing a rigorous judging process, the competition ensures that only the highest-quality coffees receive recognition and significant financial rewards.

This transparent approach not only benefits the participating farmers but also provides buyers with the assurance of purchasing top-tier coffees directly from the source. By connecting farmers and buyers, the Cup of Excellence program helps establish fair and mutually beneficial relationships throughout the supply chain.

Involvement of Key Ethiopian Coffee Institutions

The success of the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence is attributed to the collaboration of key Ethiopian coffee institutions. By joining forces, these institutions demonstrate their commitment to uplifting the Ethiopian coffee industry as a whole and promoting it on a global stage.

Through their expertise and guidance, the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence has become a leading platform for showcasing the rich diversity and incredible flavors that Ethiopian coffee has to offer.

An Auction of Extraordinary Coffees

Following the rigorous selection process, the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence culminates in an exciting auction. This highly anticipated event brings together coffee enthusiasts and buyers from around the world who eagerly bid on the exceptional winning coffees.

The auction not only provides a valuable opportunity for buyers to acquire limited quantities of these exceptional coffees but also supports the participating farmers by ensuring they receive fair prices for their exceptional products.

Join Us in Celebrating Ethiopian Coffee Excellence

The Ethiopia Cup of Excellence is a celebration of the rich heritage and remarkable flavors of Ethiopian coffee. invites coffee enthusiasts, industry professionals, and buyers to join us in commemorating this extraordinary event. Stay tuned for updates on the competition, auction, and the winners of the prestigious Ethiopia Cup of Excellence 2024.

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